Securities Custody

Custody of securities is the process of maintaining securities and also recording and transferring the ownership and other property rights of securities.

We provide custodial services for the following types of securities:

  • bonds issued by the Government of Armenia and Central Bank of Armenia,
  • corporate securities.

We offer the following custodial services:

  1. Opening and operating security accounts for customers by registering timing and essential conditions for each transaction related to that account,
  2. Registering customer rights assumed by security ownership,
  3. To act as nominee for customers' securities,
  4. Transferring information and documents for the realization of the security ownership rights from issuer or other custodian to the customer, as well as from customer to issuer or other custodian,
  5. Services related to recording, confirming, transferring and suspending security ownership and other property rights derived from securities and also services related to the recording of other transactions.

This service is provided in the bases of the contract signed between the Company and the customer. The customer can be individual as well as legal entity. The term of the custodial services offered by the Company is defined in the contract.

For transactions with corporate stocks orders are accepted from the customer or from his/her authorized person every working day from 10:00 AM to 14:00 PM. Orders accepted after that period are to be executed during one working day after the acceptance. Terms of accepting orders that assume transactions with foreign stocks are defined in the contract signed with a foreign custodian.

For transactions with government bonds orders are accepted every working day from 9:30 AM to 16:00 PM. Orders are executed on the dates pointed in the order, and if such date is missing in the order then the order is executed on the date that the order was presented. If the Company is not able to execute the order on the given date, it returns the order to the customer clarifying the reason why the order was not fulfilled.

Updated 14:00 28/09/09

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Laws and Regulations

Here you can find some laws and regulations related to securities and foreign exchange markets.


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Today "TONTON" LLC has redeemed its 5000 bonds, which had 50,000 AMD nominal value, 11% annual yield and 12 months maturity.


The first coupon payment of "TONTON" LLC bonds


Today "TONTON" LLC has made the first coupon payment of its bonds with 50,000 AMD nominal value, 11% annual yield, 12 months maturity.